Tarané Hoock studied architecture in Berlin and Paris (1999 to 2006) and
afterwards fashion design at the Esmod in Berlin. In 2008 she graduated with
the first prize at the Esmod Graduation Show. During her studies she
already gained a wide range of working experience, amongst others at
Creatrice Sissi Holleis, Paris, Unrath & Strano Haute Couture, Berlin
and AF Vandevorst, Antwerp.
An important and recurring theme in Taranés work is her occupation with memory the idea to design time: Tarané seeks to conjoin the
transcendental (the fashion) with the permament (the values of life).
She wants to make clothes which are like friends. For her diploma collection
Clownscape the world of circus served as an inspiration: The dresses seem
to catch the apparitional spirit of past pleasure, playing with the marks
and traces the circus leaves behind on its way to its next destination.
Her present collection “silvan light” draws from memories of her childhood:
Tarané plays with visions like scents, sounds and light in a mystical wood,
reminding of the beauty of a known yet distant world.